About the Author

My name is Andre M. Maier and I’m a bitjunkie. I have been into computers since I was about 8 years old when my father bought himself a Sinclair ZX-81. This early home computer eventually ended up in my room where I learned how to write BASIC programs. In the mid 80s I bought two more computers, an Amstrad CPC-464 and a Commodore C64. This has kindled my interest in assembly programming (Z80 and 6510), accessing BBS mailboxes, hacking and cracking, and – of course – wasting many, many hours of my life by playing useless computer games. More computers followed (Commodore Amiga 2000, IBM XT, Intel 286, 386, 486, …)

Computers, CPUs, programming languages, and bit twiddling hacks are both my hobby and my profession. After my graduation I had been working in software development and computer forensics for several years. Now I’m trying to pass my experience on to my students.

Information technology has become extremely complex since the time when I started working with computers. The fundamentals have not changed, tough, and their knowledge is essential to allow for further innovations in both hardware and software development.

My goal is to get people interested in the very essentials of the machines they are using in their daily life. I will never loose my fascination for the rapid expansion of information technology, and every now and then I notice the same sparkling fascination in the eyes of a student.

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