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Subroutines, Functions, Methods

Most, if not all, programming languages allow you to create subroutines, functions, or methods, all of which follow the same principle. You can think of them as black-boxes that contain source code to perform a specific task. For example, you … Continue reading

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Swapping Variables

Many algorithms, including the world-famous Euclidean, require to swap the values of two variables. So you probably know the following principle. int x = 8; int y = 123; int tmp = x; x = y; y = tmp; However, … Continue reading

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A Beginner’s Guide to Object Oriented Programming (1)

What’s so fancy about Object Oriented Programming? Computers have been invented to help real-world people solving real-world problems, even though it seems today that computers actually contribute problems to the real world. Since a plain computer doesn’t know anything about … Continue reading

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In order to declutter my website at school I decided to move all explanatory content over to this blog. I decided to start with an interesting number I have been using in some of my programming assignments. This magic number … Continue reading

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Yet another “trick” that isn’t really a trick …

In my attempt to answer a question during my lecture this afternoon I typed in a quick-and-dirty program that was supposed to illustrate what I was saying. In the program I had to pass a variable number of struct pointers … Continue reading

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Privacy on the Internet? (non-technical)

Last week I had a lengthy discussion with a friend about privacy issues pertaining to social networks on the Internet. Privacy and social networks? The longer I think about it, the more I believe that our society must be sick … Continue reading

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The X-Factor (OR The Power of XOR)

Once upon a time, a girl (non-computer scientist) had bought two pieces of cake for coffee. She asked her nerdy boy-friend: ‘Do you want this one or that one?’ He said ‘Thanks!’ and he quickly moved both pieces onto his … Continue reading

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